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Indian Holidays

What better way to spend your holiday than in beautiful lands of incredible India? The nature, the locals, the culture, the experience like none other. Holiday travel packages provided by us will give you the experience you seek whether it’s a solo holiday trip to celebrate your independence or planned family holidays to enjoy together time. Your holidays in India will showcase the diversity that is well known around the world through its traditions, cultures and festivities. We have festival filled holidays for those seeking an opportunity to celebrate diversity and also holidays for those desiring a hug of serenity. A chance to visit the beatific temples, history filled sites and monuments, the eye catching flora and fauna and so much more in the India Tour Packages provided by us will give you a glimpse of India’s magnificence

International Holidays

Exploring places outside of India is the dream of every other person we know, so spend your holidays abroad and fulfil them. Be it a first time international holiday or your honeymoon holiday or your hundredth holiday abroad, we will give the perfect deals with the best places and quality food. The exotic international holiday tour packages provided will allow you to either follow the trend or give you out of the box experiences. Whether it is the tiny streets you wish to walk through or the famous spots you need to see, your holiday will be crafted for you. Sunny love or cosy cold weather, adventure related or somewhere to chill, it’s your choice. Our International Tour Packages will give you the dose of travel you seek and make you forget all the stress and worries of life. We have Bali Holidays or Maldives Holidays to choose from who love to follow the celebrity trend. Japan holidays, Europe holidays, USA holidays and many more for the globetrotters in making.

Indian Holiday Deals

SOTC has escorted lakhs of holidaymakers across the globe for more than 68 years to various destinations around the world. Our focus is the customer and their satisfaction which we prioritize through our holiday deals for international holidays or Indian holidays not forgetting luxury holidays or business travel holidays. The first thing that comes forth while travelling is the thought of budget and arrangements and we make sure to take care of both and make your holidays stress free. We put together travel packages for you with budget in mind and provide you with best quality of stays and cuisines aiming to get you back for more. We keep the platform open for customers to list their expectations from their holidays in order to enhance and enriching holiday experience. We realize the importance of language markets and have tours in Marathi and Gujarati. We cater holidays not just to Indian residents but also NRIs in the US, UK, Middle East and Africa. We are for holidays.

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